5 Easy Tricks That Make You Look Like a Pro

Once one comes across a body of open water, whether is an ocean, lake, or river one of the things that is found enjoyable by many is water skiing. This pleasurable sport can be used to impress relatives and friends. If you do not know how to do it, here are some tricks that can make you a pro!

One Leg

This trick sounds simple and even simple to some. In water skiing, balancing on one leg is crucial. If you cannot balance on one leg on solid ground, you need to practice very well. That is because you will have to do a lot of balancing on moving water. Do not stop practicing until you become really good at this.

180 Turn

To try this trick, all you have to do is to commence from facing front and then trying to face backwards. You repeat this move again so that you can face forward. Continue until you are able to do this all at once. At a point, you will see that doing a 360-degree turn becomes really easy. This particular trick is quite easy to learn and is very impressive when you perform it.


Carving is also known by many other names but no matter the appellation given, it is the same. In this technique, the skier will make a wall of water to spray in the air. All you need to do to achieve this is to turn simultaneously as the boat drive turns too. The more you turn your water skis as you lean, the bigger and more exciting the spray. Now, get your friends wet!

Jumping The Wake

Of all the tricks, this is likely the simplest and easiest. It is also a lot of fun. To pull this trick, you need to have your boat driver accelerate a bit over an S-turn. When the boat turns, you will be pulled in the opposite direction across the wake behind the boat. To get the landing correctly, you will need some constant practice.

The 360 Jump

At this point, now you know how to jump the wake. This particular trick is the last one and deliberately saved for the last. The 360 Jump is one of the hardest. If you have perfected the wake down, you will be able to pull off the 360 Jump with a little more practice. It is like jumping the wake too but your body will turn 360 degrees. Let us do this!

With these water skiing tricks, you will definitely look great while on the water. Just make sure to practice until you are quite confident. Try to take it easy on the first tries to avoid injury.

About Water Skiing

Water skiing is an exhilarating water sport that requires certain skills. This surface water sport involves an individual on one (slalom) or two water skis holding on a rope that is being pulled by a boat. It was in 1922 in America when water skiing was seen as a fun water activity. It was Ralph Samuelson, who used two boards then attached a clothesline as a towrope to a boat. It took him days to skillfully master water skiing. As a sport it did not take off immediately until he performed in water ski shows from Michigan to Florida. It was in 1972 when water skiing became part of the Olympic Games.

Water skiing requires three people. The first one is the water skier. The skier must have great endurance and excellent upper and lower body strength for balancing. Then the last 2 are the boat driver and an observer. Water skiing is not a sport for just anyone. This water sport is quite dangerous and safety is always being emphasized. First of all, the skier must know how to swim. The water ski area should have water that is 5 to 6 feet deep with an area of 200 feet wide. Furthermore, it should be free of any debris or structure with a clearance of 30 meters.

Experienced water skiers join different forms of competitive water skiing such as trick skiing, speed skiing, slaloming, barefoot skiing, jumping, and show skiing. In jumping, experienced water skiers use fiberglass ramps. A world record for most skiers was set in 2012 in Tasmania, Australia. There were 145 skiers being towed by a single boat.

Globally as a water sport, water skiing is a success and there 11 million water skiers coming from various parts of the world. Currently, it is in Australia where you can find the most numbers of water skiers. The number of skiing companies are also increasing in Florida. Recently, people who own homes in Miami, FL have been doing a lot more water skiing, studies show.